Coming on July 9

Raashi's Rakhis: A New Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a totally new way! Little Raashi is ready to update this popular South Asian festival with her idea that both boys and girls get to trade rakhi bracelets.

Raksha Bandhan is Raashi’s favorite festival! Every year, her family comes together to dance, eat, and celebrate! Most importantly, siblings give out rakhis—beautiful handmade bracelets meant to provide protection in all of their advetures.

AlwaysAnjali-new-editionPRH-1 (2)

Always Anjali

Meet Anjali! She’s the spunky star of this picture book with a timeless message about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our different identities.

Bravo Anjali

For Anjali, playing the tabla is something that comes naturally. She loves the feel of the drum beneath her fingers and getting lost in the music.

Anjali #3

Coming 2025

Making Happy

When Leila’s mother gets sick, lots of things change for her family. But one important thing stays the same: they still have each other, and they know how to find joy and laughter when they need it most!
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Dear Rebel

In Dear Rebel, more than 145 extraordinary teens and women uplift the intimate moments that define a girl’s journey of discovery, confidence and self. With personal stories and artistic expression, they are helping raise up the next generation of girls.

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