If the rhetoric makes us numb. they win.
Accepting that no one is and won’t be exactly what we want makes our head spin.
So much hatred. So much antiquated.

Media not holding people accountable in the immediate.
Wishing for leaders to have Lincoln-like fortitude.
Able to withstand any question. Any probe.
Leading as a person of the globe.

Wanting people in office better than me.
Screw the songs and the beer and the austere.
Wanting someone who excels and knows it’s more than legacy.

We must get out in droves.
Corruption and entitlement corrodes.
Citizens United is a disastrous road.

We must get out in droves.

Debating about issues that deserve debate.
Not wasting time arguing about equality.
Equal opportunities.
Equal pay.
Equal rights.
And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And.
Just be equal.

Show me, don’t talk to me.
Invite, don’t push away.
Get out of my person.



Figure it out.


-Sheetal Sheth