We gathered. We shared. We connected.

This is what @browngirlmag does so effortlessly. Safe spaces and candid conversations.

@browngirlmag thank you for inviting me and Anjali to be a part of your first DC event. Special gratitude to @devinabk and @tsakhuja_walia for putting this together so thoughtfully. @rasa , your food was delicious (come to NY!) and to all the speakers and attendees, we are the better for your honesty and candor.

Rohini Kosoglu, @sunuchandy @radhikalens @vedapriya120 – honored to be in your company. My heart and spirit are bursting from being surrounded by so many advocates and folks who show up everyday and do the work. 🙌🏽

Much love for host committee @southasianbardc @devika2009 @kjbagchi @vijnata @pratimatejaswini @axedattaa @jaychittooran

📸 @sennaahmadphoto