Happy Raksha Bandhan to those who celebrate. 🙏🏽

I love and celebrate my roots whenever I can. But we must admit that there’s a lot of nonsense that comes with these older societies and traditions. And it’s up to us to modernize and equalize.

I felt so strongly about this that I wrote a book about it. RAASHI’S RAKHIS is being published by @randomhousekids and will be out next summer. My hope is that it emboldens us all to make traditions our own and celebrate however it feels best for us.

Historically, Raksha Bandhan has been a tradition for sisters and brothers. It’s a beautiful sentiment and a symbol of strength to ‘protect them’ as they went off into the world. And it wasn’t for sisters or reciprocated because women weren’t expected or meant to be out in the world. 🙄

So we’ve made our own tradition. My girls will always have each other’s backs.

And I can’t wait for y’all to meet Raashi.