I don’t do this often but when @printique_by_adorama reached out and shared their vision with me, I agreed to open up my home to them.

I shared my story and traditions. We talked and reflected about the decades of triumph and loss.

@printique_by_adorama created the most beautiful keepsakes and prints of moments in my life, both personal and professional. It’s remarkable to see your life’s moments this way. The early days, the struggles, the joy…all of it. Most of life happens in between and they have a way of creating that’s pure and full of depth. It was touching to flip through the pages and see the proof of the life and the work I have created.

Thank you @printique_by_adorama for the lovely Photo Album, Photo Tiles, and prints to help me hold these memories close to my heart forever. Grateful for the life I have and grateful for the memories in hand. And grateful for all there is to come. 🙏🏽✨