Our cover story features the remarkable Sheetal Sheth, a trailblazer who has been advocating for change from the inside for decades. As our first cover star, she symbolizes the journey we’ve embarked upon and was the perfect cover story for March as we celebrate womens’ accomplishments. Sheetal’s story is a testament to the positive momentum we’ve gained, yet it serves as a reminder that there’s much more work ahead. With an extensive presence in the Western entertainment industry, Sheetal sheds light on its strides and shortcomings, particularly in portraying South Asians. She poses a compelling question: What if South Asian faces were regularly included in mainstream Hollywood casting choices? Would breaking from tradition allow for character portrayals that defy ethnic and cultural expectations? Amidst our celebration of women’s strength and achievements in March, Sheth encourages us to recognize the boundless possibilities for South Asian women, transcending societal norms and challenging Hollywood’s status quo. “We can do anything we want,” she affirms.

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