As 2016 comes to a close, I wanted to focus on women and stress how important our voices are and can be. We are badass, super-creatures who defy expectations every minute of every day. And not to mention, we are the majority. It’s long overdue we act like it. In these uncertain times, it is more vital than ever that we not just stand loud and proud, but also fight for every other group that has been as marginalized, underestimated, and dismissed as we have been.

In keeping with that theme, I wanted to bring some levity in the fray- so in honor of the holiday season, I am doing two giveaways. From my closet…First up, I have a piece of clothing that I wore in I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT that I am giving away exclusively through my app. Check it out – info and pic is posted in the chat room. And second, I am giving away this halter top. It was worn in this pic that was the cover of ‘Woman International.’ All you have to do to enter is tell me about the favorite gift that you’ve GIVEN and why. Could be to a charity, someone you love, anything. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at I will announce the winner Mon, Dec. 19 and ship it to you for the holidays!



Let’s listen to each other more. Let’s understand each other more. Let’s give each other the dignity of one’s own opinion.

But let’s never sacrifice the standards of excellence we all strive to live by.

Happy Holidays to all y’all. You fierce and I know exemplify what’s excellent out there. Globally.

2017. Let’s do this.

-Sheetal Sheth