Rebekah Gienapp included Bravo Anjali in her list of “13 books about courage and bravery” recently.

“There are so many situations that require children to be brave. Recovering from a failure, meeting new people, trying something they’ve never done before, and speaking up about something unfair all require kids to draw on their courage. That’s hard enough for adults to do, and we have a lot more life experience to guide us! There are lots of things adults can do to help children develop courage. Children’s books about courage and bravery can also help guide and supplement other practices and conversations. This post includes 14 wonderful books about being brave for 3 – 14 year olds.

Bravo Anjali by Sheetal Sheth and illustrated by Lucia Soto.

A review by Rebekah Gienapp.

“This book about courage shows that sometimes being brave is hard because others don’t want you to shine.

Anjali loves drumming on her tabla. But when her friend Deepak accuses her of showing off, Anjali is hurt. She makes a mistake on purpose, but that doesn’t stop Deepak from telling people Anjali is only getting attention is tabla class because she’s a girl.

Anjali is furious and hurt at the same time. She wants to win the upcoming music contest, but if she does will Deepak tease her even more? Anjali has to decide whether to “dim her light” or to shine like the star that she is.

(Recommended for ages 4 – 8. Indian-American author. Spanish-born illustrator.)”


Dated: July 25, 2022
publication: Review
Rebekah Gienapp