Room to Read hosted their first-ever video interview in September. Watch as they spotlight Room to Read Author Advocate Sheetal Sheth, an acclaimed actress, producer, children’s author and activist, who joins in conversation with Senior Direc
tor of Room to Read’s Global Literacy Program, Christabel Pinto.

Room to Read’s Literacy Program integrates social and emotional learning throughout our global curriculums and within the books shared with young students. Sheetal’s latest children’s book “Making Happy” hits the shelves this week and focuses on social and emotional learning for children ages 5+ that shares young Leila’s experience with change as her mother gets sick.

Tune in to see Sheetal and Christabel hold an enriching discussion around the values of integrating diverse representation within children’s literature, to learn how Sheetal finds “pockets of happiness” in her life and how through writing books, she hopes children and caregivers alike have “permission to feel” and discover their own sources of joy both on and off the page.

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Dated: September 12, 2022
publication: Room to Read Video